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Towbar Fitting in Lowestoft, East Anglia

At the Lowestoft Towbar Centre, we are not just Towbar fitters we are Towbar Electrical specialists!

Towbar Installation serving the people of Lowestoft, Beccles, Halesworth, Gt Yarmouth, Belton, Caister and surrounding area.

Out of the thousands of cars on UK roads with Towbars fitted, a high percentage are likely to have ‘By-pass electrics’, fitted towing electrics which are NOT integrated into the cars Electrical and Management System.

This means your car's management system has no idea that it is towing a load. In today’s world of advanced automotive electrical technology, this is not only inefficient but can prove to be potentially disastrous!

Since the early 2000’s, automotive technology moved rapidly forward in introducing network systems in vehicles which allowed the detection of a caravan or trailer.


Here are some of the related towing systems in a vehicle you may have, which the car would interface with when a caravan or trailer is connected:

  • Brake electronics
  • Suspension system (ASS)
  • Engine electronics
  • Engine cooling system
  • Cruise control
  • Parking aids
  • Reversing camera
  • Lane change assistant

Each of the systems above are affected in different ways when a trailer is ‘detected’. Vital systems such as engine cooling and brake electronics will function and react differently.

 TSP (Trailer Stability Program) is one feature which is being added to many vehicles to help correct the ‘snaking’ action of a trailer. But with such advanced technology, braking systems have evolved even further by being operated electronically, without the need for hydraulics!

Braking has become more controlled with faster braking efficiency when towing! Suspension systems can now detect a trailer and allow for a more level towing adjustment when a load is applied on the towing hitch. ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) systems are meant to ‘detect’ a trailer in order to help set a greater braking distance between vehicles.

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